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Lauri Löppönen is a Helsinki-based multidisciplinary artist and designer. Forging high-quality items
ranging from durable fetish wear to wearable art pieces and curiosities, Löppönen utilises mostly
recycled and found materials in his work. There is a common thread that brings the rich universe
of Löppönen’s work together: a strong inspiration drawn from classical art, handicrafts
and the traditional methods they use. (Read more about the materials used in the ‘Doctrine’ section.)

Available for commissions, collaborations and features.


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2012 Master of Art, Aalto University School of Art and Design, Helsinki 
2011—2012 Minor in Fine Arts & Contemporary Art Theory,
Aalto University School of Art and Design, Helsinki 
2010 Bachelor of Art, University of Art and Design, Helsinki 
2009 Exchange program in Scenography, Display & Fashion Design,
Musashino Art University, Tokyo 
2008—2009 Minor in Fashion Design, University of Art and Design, Helsinki



2016 Vienna in love / Galerie Florianigasse / Vienna
2014 13 attempts as a comic hero / Two Hustlesrs+Studio
Formichetti Arts Grant exhibition / New York
2013 D.I.Y. Partner 2.0 / Masters of Aalto Thesis work exhibition / Helsinki
2012 D.I.Y. Partner ( Work in progress ) / Co-Core International
Art and Design Critiques / Seoul
2011 Viime talvena tulleet / Pony ride Shop & Gallery / Helsinki
2011 Way Out / Arktikum / Rovaniemi
2011 Helvetti / Lume galleria / Helsinki
2010 Way Out / Atski gallery of the University of Art and Design / Helsinki
2010 Marraskuu / Lume galleria / Helsinki
2009 No Logo / Shibuya Space Edge / Tokyo



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