I — Function

All the leatherwear is designed to be durable and safe in practice.
Looking good is not enough as the items also need to function and last even through rough play.

All the products are meticulously thought-through with comfortability & safety in mind.
This is why each item’s prototype and its functionality has been tested in practice.

II — Values

Most of the materials for leatherwear are leftovers from the industry. This type of leather comes usually in smaller pieces which can’t be used for larger items and thus would be discarded. Using limited resources and misshaped smaller leather pieces influences the designs of the items while also decreasing unnecessary waste.

My goal is to waste as little as possible. This might make the design process more complicated and be more time-consuming to finish but the reward is fewer wasted materials.

Due to the products using industry leftovers and second hand materials, small imperfections on items are possible. These tiny marks prove their recycled origin.


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